TITLE: Sonic 3 RELEASED: February 2nd, 1994 by SEGA RATING: 5

Best incomplete game ever.

TITLE: Mega Man RELEASED: Sometime last century by Capcom RATING: 4

Like a trip through the past.

TITLE: EverLight RELEASED: Uhh... by The Adventure Company RATING: 5!

One of the best casual adventure games out there.

TITLE: Unreal III RELEASED: 2007 by Epic/Midway RATING: 3

I am not impressed.

TITLE: Legend: Hand of God RELEASED: 2008 by Master Creating/THQ RATING: 4

A good game, but a game of extremes.

TITLE: Dawn of Magic RELEASED: April 27, 2007 by SkyFallen Entertainment RATING: 2.5

Not a bad game, just not a great one.